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How to Contribute

If you do research on the Japanese empire, please consider contributing a primary source to this project: it can be a newspaper or magazine article, a personal diary, an excerpt of governmental publication, a non-text source, or anything that's suitable for sharing publicly and for student discussion. The editor (Sayaka Chatani) will examine the appropriateness and assign a student translator. Currently we are able to translate Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian/Malay, but please inquire if the source is in a different language. (We also welcome lesser-known English sources.) You are asked to write an introduction that succinctly explains the context of the source, provide questions for class discussion, and recommend secondary source readings. We will usually not start translating the source until we receive the introductory essay. 

As Class Assignments:

If you are teaching a graduate seminar or an upper-level undergraduate seminar on the Japanese empire or related histories, please consider a contribution to this website a part of the assignments. The assignment can consist of 1) finding a primary source, 2) translating it, 3) writing an introductory essay by doing secondary source research, 4) possibly writing a full research paper. The instructor is expected to supervise and help edit the essay and translation. Refer to this entry as an example.


If you are a student not trained in historical contextualization or translation, but have a source that you would like to share, please contact us. If the source has a good potential, we will provide supervision and guidance on the introductory essay writing (and translation if necessary).

This project relies on historians' collective effort to enrich our teaching material. Thank you for using this website, and we are looking forward to receiving new sources!

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